Eriol Clow

We are a small business dedicated to designing and creating handcrafted garments. All of our prints are original designs.

Eriol Clow was conceived to provide quality products for those who want to escape the “traditional”. Not everything has to be black, white, squares or stripes.

Made in Granada

All of our items are 100% made in Granada (Spain), a city that has inspired people from all cultures for centuries.

In order to achieve this, we work closely with a textile printing company also based in Granada for the production of our fabrics with original prints.

About the craftsman

Kevin Ruescas was born in Granada, where he studied fashion and discovered his passion for the garments industry.

Some years ago, he came up with Eriol Clow as a textile brand aimed at an audience looking for original quality items, and quickly got to business to make this idea actually happen.